Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Baguette Seller near Dong Xuan Market

Another street scene of Hanoi. We can see many baguette sellers on the walk to Dong Xuan wholesale market.


Anonymous said...

The colors in your photograph are very nice. Also noticed the lady using the cell phone. I guess those are now all over the world.

Web-OJ said...

Everybody has a mobile these days.

Lovely clear pic. The bread sellers in India are old men with beards.

alice said...

It's my first visit here, wonderful photos, thank you!

J.A. said...

I like your photos very much, as they are good in esthetics, technical skill, and also as documents, looking at people with elevation and picturing them with full dignity.

"Use your first smile, your first form of generosity, of love, of kindness—use it at home; start at home. And if there is something left over—if … your plate is just full of abundance of patience and goodness and smiles and joy, then by all means, you should go … and offer that to others. But we must begin at home." by Dr Robin Smith