Saturday, 26 January 2008

Peanuts Pancake

This is a stall selling the big peanuts pancake at our night market. This is a common snacks in Malaysia and usually available on streetside stalls or in night markets. This pancake needs to be eaten hot when it is still crispy. The pancake is filled with sugar, peanuts and corns. If you see this stall, you must give this pancake a try. It's available throughout Malaysia.


Bill said...

The cook does not seem to like what he is making, and the girl looks unsure as well. I will however take your word for it that they are good :)

J.C. said...

Probably I took his pix at a wrong angle and didn't capture the best of his personality. He is one of the friendliest guy at our night market and like to kid with his customers. I always call him "Handsome" and make him laugh! Ha ha....

alexander said...

Woo! I haven't had one of these for years! Thanks for reminding me. :)

They sure look very nice.
Well taken!

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