Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Roti Tissue

Sorry that the photo posted today is of lower quality as it is taken with my mobile phone.

We went for supper last night and had Roti Tissue. This is actually a bread that is made very thin & crispy. Thus the name, as it is supposed to be as thin as tissue! Margarine is spread on it and then sugar is sprinkled over it. The Roti Tissue is HUGE. It has honey spread over the roti. This version that we had is from the Kayu Nasi Kandar in Taipan. This is a very popular mamak (Indian Muslim cafe) shop in Subang.

The three of us could not finish our Roti Tissue!

Have you been to a mamak stall? Or tried Roti Tissue?

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alicesg said...

Nice capture of the roti tissue. Yes I tried it before but I prefer the indian pancakes, such as tosei and roti prata.

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