Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Colorful Clogs

Even clogs today are looking as colourful as Crocs! We used to have clogs in our house and wear them whenever we go to the bathroom or when we were washing clothes. I mean hand-wash our clothes! But those days we only have clogs in red colour. Not like these multi-coloured ones!

Do you wear clogs? What kind of clogs can be found in your city?


araratdailyphoto said...

Love your photo - I think it is great!

alicesg said...

Very nice and colourful photo of clogs. I have a picture of the clogs too and I think I will link to your post. I used to wear them when I was young.

Anonymous said...

The clogs in your picture are very colorful. You asked about the clogs we wear. We wear Danish and Swedish clogs here. They are more orthopedic and less stylish.

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