Saturday, 16 February 2008

Innovation Wins Her Heart!

Glad to announce that I finally have something on Valentine's Day to share at DPB!

This is an innovative signboard placed on Damansara-Puchong Highway. The man in the signboard put it up to propose to his girlfriend. She certainly say YES to him when she was driven past it on Valentine's Day!!! This signboard will be up for a month. It's located near the Kelana Seafood Restaurant and can be viewed when one is driving from the direction of Giant Hypermarket to Motorola factory.

News of this signboard appeared in The Sun Paper front cover. The other top news is Malaysians will go to the poll on March 8. Hope it would be a peaceful election this time. There have been so many protests recently on our Government's decision. Here's the article where you can read about this proposal.


alicesg said...

Oh it is so romantic. Lucky girl.

kunal bhatia said...

thats a very unique way indeed...
- Mindless Mumbai
won't be visiting till end of april now, there's too much college work to deal with; but will be posting regularly, hopefully! have fun blogging, and all da best. ciao.

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