Monday, 18 February 2008

Roast Duck Rice Stall

This is a popular roast duck rice stall at our night market. The serving does not come with the extra like cucumber and coriander leaves or even extra chilli. The young assistant of this old lady is usually rude! Ironically, this old lady, who is the boss has much better courtesy than her! If not for the tasty roast duck, I bet customers would not be willing to queue to buy this roast duck rice.

Is there a similar eatery at your city ~ where the food is great but the service needs much more improvement? Yet you still go back coz you cannot resist the food?..... :o(

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Pat said...

Oh, how delicious looking this is! I found myself looking at the photo for awhile salivating!!!! Yes, we have places like that that I know of in our city. Good food--bad service!!

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