Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Heart-warming Roasted Chestnuts

Mmm....the nice smell of roasted chestnut is truly an attraction to my little sister and I. Smelling them as I walked past this stall reminds me of my little sister who is working far away. Both of us would finish up a packet of roasted chestnut that we insisted to buy despite after our heavy meal!

I miss you sis and look forward to sharing another packet of chestnuts with you real soon! Then we can oooh and aahhh together as we knock and remove the hot hard shells.


gizelle said...

do you also have them in summer? They are sold here only when its cold...and are good to snack on when warm...looks so yummy!

alexander said...

Great capture!
Maybe that could be the part time job of a Liverpool footballer! :P

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Mo said...

Mmm they look tasty. Seems strange to see them outside of autumn though.

J.C. said...

We are lucky that we have chestnuts throughout the year!

ritalounge said...

Mmmm it looks tasty! I wish there are street-sellers like this in Europe!

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