Monday, 28 April 2008

Beaded Shoes Shop in Melaka

While walking along the narrow Heeren Street in Melaka, I peeped through the window of one of the old houses. I was caught by surprise to discover a beaded shoes shop! These houses are over a century old. The shop owner didn't bother to decorate or renovate the shop to make it more attractive. It's really bare, basic display of their beautifully hand-crafted beaded shoes.

These shoes are expensive because the beads are hand-sewn, instead of using machine. It's really tedious to sew every tiny, colourful bead to form a complete pattern. They are beautiful and if you are in Melaka, you should check them out!


Jazzy said...

wow great selection.
they look pretty.

alicesg said...

Very interesting shop. Oh yes, my sister bought a pair in Malacca few years back when we went visiting. It really was costly.

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