Friday, 4 April 2008

Free Advert Space

This tree on SS14 Subang Jaya has been used as a free advert space. On top in red is an advertisement for confinement care service. I wonder how the person who hang the banner did it, either by climbing onto the tree or using a ladder or he was on a lorry when he did his job.

The 2nd advert in orange and yellow is by an illegal loan shark, advertising his loan facility. We see many of such stickers, posters or name cards strewn around business centres in our city. They are really an eye sore! Hope someone could catch the person who are doing this and punish him for making a mess of some private business centres walkway.

This photo was taken before our recent election. The lady, who appeared on this poster, Hannah Yeoh, won the local assembly representative seat for Subang Jaya.

I got the idea to post this photo after seeing a photo of an advert being posted on a lamp post at Mindless Mumbai Daily.

Lastly, wishing all of you a Happy Weekend!


alaya said...

funny position of ad :p
must be use lots of effort to hung it up there

kunal bhatia said...

yup, the two ads are quite familiar. thanks for the link!
- Mindless Mumbai

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