Thursday, 10 April 2008

Great Minds, Great Designs!

Found this intriguing poster at Ikea and the tagline is very true. Without a great mind, it would be difficult to produce those user-friendly furnitures & tools that we find there. I always wonder who are those brilliant ones behind the scene. Now we get to meet them!!! The faces behind those genius designs! That's what this photo brings to you!

Do you shop in Ikea? Wanna share what are the interesting items you have bought from it?


alicesg said...

Hahaha, we bought a big desk and it was a self-assembled type. The top was so heavy, needed so many of us to assemble it.

I guess I prefer to buy those that already assembled for me. :)

kunal bhatia said...

yup, the people at ikea sure are clever! this is well spotted.
- Mindless Mumbai

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