Saturday, 26 April 2008

Starry, Starry Ride

Last Saturday was a wet evening for us. On our way out for dinner, the rain began to pour heavily. Naturally, if one lives in Subang Jaya, the next thing to expect would be a traffic snarl-up.

This photo was caught at the ramp heading to Bandar Sunway. The lit-up building ahead of us was Sunway Pyramid. When I saw the water drops on the windscreen with the neon traffic lights from the street lamps plus the jammed up traffic, I knew this would be a good scene to capture. To me, it seems like I am looking out of my window and can see the sky covered with stars blinking away! How lovely that would be!

So, what do you think of the result here?


Mo said...

Love the affect. Looks a bit like fireworks.

Anonymous said...

A really nice photo. I love the rainy photos. I have never seen one with so many vivid colors.

Jilly said...

It's an amazing shot. Oh well done. I'd be so proud to have taken a shot like this. Such life, such colour.

alexander said...

Oh ya! how interesting. Good capture.

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World!

alicesg said...

Very nice photo. It looked like many fairy lights out there.

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