Saturday, 31 May 2008

Rhythm of Kandyan Drums - Wesak Concert in Brickfields Maha Vihara (3)

Drumming is very much part and parcel of music in Buddhist & Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. We had a Kandyan drum performance by professionals drummers from Sri Lanka for the Wesak concert.
It was a veritable display of colour and rhythm — the dancers caught our eyes with their colourful attires and their graceful and synchronised movements to the fast-paced and energetic beat of drums. We couldn't help tapping our feet and swaying our body to the rhythm of the drums.


Zsolt72 said...

what a wonderful photo! I saw it on the portal and I couldnt resist to open it in large:)

chrome3d said...

Excellent pic. Good contrasts, lighting, clothes and the drum too. Love it.

Ming the Merciless said...

Love this photo. The colors and stand is amazing. Good shot!

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