Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Seal Engraver at Work

It is not easy to find a Chinese seal engraver these days. We have one in Jonker Street, Melaka, as shown here.

A seal engraver must be able to write different styles of the Chinese scripts and arrange all the characters in perfect balance. The scripts will then be written on the material chosen to make the seal. This material can be marble stone or wood. A perfect seal is very much determined by the engraver's speed and strength of his wrist and finger movements.

In ancient China, a family name seal is important in daily business dealings. Just like our company's stamp these days, a family name seal will be stamped onto contracts to validate the contract. So it is crucial to safekeep the family seal to prevent any misuse.


Thiên said...

I think it is a beautiful craft J.C. I remember when I went to Chinatown in San Francisco many, many years ago, we found an engraver and my brother order a seal with our name. I have always liked the memory and the art.

iBlowfish said...

Interesting post, I like the picture too, well done.

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