Saturday, 10 May 2008

A Thorn Among the Roses

Traditional Indian costumes with vibrant colour like fuschia and red sarees with gold seams on a window display at Melaka's Jalan Bendahara. I learnt how to wear a saree from a colleague and wore it at our department's traditional costume day. The learning process was really fun!

Have you tried wearing a saree? How was your experience?


mirage2g said...

I had 2 ternos but never tried them yet...I need to trim down some belly fat Our fashion as Asian is different no? Happy weekend!

USelaine said...

Those clothes are beautiful, but I have never tried wearing them. The fabrics are gorgeous.

twohands said...

i did use the saree on a few occasions. coincidently, it's always for weddings when i use it :D

my hubby ties the saree for me. it's so difficult to do it on my own.

i've got a green one, a blue one and a red and yellow one. planning to get more.

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