Monday, 23 June 2008


Sorry that I have been away for over 2 weeks. I was down with fever and then after a few days, a blood test confirmed that I had dengue fever. That kept me in the hospital for a couple more days. Doctor monitored my platelet count to ensure it did not drop to life-threatening level. He was also ensuring that there was no internal haemmorrhaging. All these make me feel life is so vulnerable.
At that point of time, the only thing I had in my mind was how I had taken my good health for granted all the while!! I took note that I would treasure healthy living when I get back on my feet again. I will eat healthily and exercise regularly. I will live on to tell others the danger of dengue fever!

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alicesg said...

Oh dear JC. Glad you have recovered. I know how you feel. I too just recovered from a bad flu and all those medicine really made me more

It is always at this time of the year where those mozzie are naughty. Please take good care and have a nice day. :)

"Use your first smile, your first form of generosity, of love, of kindness—use it at home; start at home. And if there is something left over—if … your plate is just full of abundance of patience and goodness and smiles and joy, then by all means, you should go … and offer that to others. But we must begin at home." by Dr Robin Smith