Thursday, 26 June 2008

Milo, Milo - Sihat & Kuat

Since young, we hear this song playing on the radio or TV : "Milo, Milo Anda Jadi, Sihat & Kuat"... (Milo, Milo, You Will Be Healthy & Strong). Milo, a chocolate drink by Nestle has been a part of our daily beverage since we were kids. Speak of Milo, everyone (regardless of age) would have tasted it before. We have the Milo van at every sports event. Even now, Milo is still visible at sports event.
What is the popular beverage that you have been drinking since you were a kid?


alicesg said...

Nice photo. I love soya bean milk since young.

Grace said...


nice pics, gives me a feel for subang which i miss. and i miss milo too!

btw, i think the song is "MINUM milo, anda jadi sihat dan kuat" ...?


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