Monday, 28 July 2008

Little Jenna

It has been a long while since I met this little girl, Jenna. She is the daughter of a dear friend whom I have known for 20 years. Due to our busy schedule with work and family, it is a high task to get together. I got a surprise call from her Mom to meet up for brunch. It ended up with us spending the whole afternoon together and most importantly, a chance for me to get to know Jenna all over again!

Jenna is fun and fantastically adorable! She speaks Malay well. Won't hesitate to give you an Ultraman pose! She loves sushi, bee hoon & roti canai (in that order of priority). And when she is full and doesn't want to finish her food, she simply announced she will vomit if she takes another morsel! That really works well on her mom! What a smart girl we have here!

I hope to spend another wonderful afternoon with her real soon before her mom, brother & little Jenna move to China to join her Dad! I am gonna miss my dear old friend and Little Jenna, of course!


Lara said...

what a princess!

Bibi said...

What a cutie! I like the way you caught this active little girl running out of the frame!

alicesg said...

She is cute and beautiful. Dont we love to be a child all over again and no worries at all. :)

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