Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lock Your Bike!

This photo was taken at SS18 Subang Jaya. This little girl was scratching her head wondering why the bicycle was chained to a water meter by the drain. Crime rate in Subang Jaya has been high in recent years. SJ-rians are taking more and more precautions to prevents their properties lost. This is one good example!


Bibi said...

I think it's not just in Subang Jaya that crime is on the rise. You have to chain your bikes here, too.

alicesg said...

If they want to steal the bike, they could cart off the whole bicycle and leave the wheel there. I think I had a photo of a wheel in the bicycle bay, not sure if the wheel is left there intentionally or the top part of the bicycle stolen, now this reminds me to look for the

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