Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Now Everyone Can Fly

Travelling within Malaysia and nearby regions have been made affordable with the launch of our low budget airline, Air Asia a few years back. Everyone can remember its aptly placed tagline "Now Everyone Can Fly"!

Air Asia gives away free tickets at least once every year. Once I got my family free tickets to Bali. Each of us only paid for fuel surcharge and airport tax, that came up to RM150 (about USD48) for a return trip to Bali. That was a real bargain!

Recently I got a free ticket to Manila through its free promotion. That would take place March next year. I paid only RM240 for the fuel surcharge & airport tax. Looking forward to a nice holiday in Manila! Mabuhay!!!

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Riau Daily Photo said...

Except me, I never fly yet, when does the chance come to me...

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