Monday, 11 August 2008

At the Chinese Opera

I like the effect of the lightings on the actresses and also the fabric curtain around the stage.
Saw this Chinese Opera being performed at the Cheng Ho Teng temple in Melaka. What a good opportunity to take shots to share over here.
This is a Fujian dialect opera. Surprisingly most of the performers are young, for instance quite a number of them are in their 20s. In Malaysia, the young people are not interested in such art. I would say it's a dying art here. It is difficult to find local opera troupe these days. Thus it's not surprising that an overseas troupe is brought in to perform.


Anonymous said...

The photography is excellent.

alicesg said...

Oh lovely shot of opera. As a child, I would love to watch them backstage putting on their make up.

Thiên said...

Great shot J.C.! I love it!

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