Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Durian Season is Here!

Durian season has reached its peak here!! This King of Fruit is one of our favourite fruits. At the start of the season, durian is usually very expensive, about RM12 per kg. But now, one can buy 3 durians for the price of RM10!!! So for those of us who love this fruit, it's the best time to have durian feast!
In this photo, we can see the man in dark glasses smelling the durian. If the durian gives out a strong, heady smell, it means the durian is ripe. Another method is to shake the durian and if one can feel the fruits inside the shell is moving, it means the fruit is ripe. Most people prefer slightly bitter-sweet-flavoured durian. To choose this, pick durian with brownish skin instead of green ones. This is very true because I just returned from buying durian this evening. And I got a bitter-sweet-flavoured fruit that has brownish skin! Thanks to friends of our community website who gave out these tips!
Do you like eating durians?


Meg in Nelson said...

Never had one, to my knowledge. I'd love to one day.

Thiên said...

LOL, my family LOVES Durian but alas, I cannot take the strong smell and taste. ;)

alicesg said...

Oooooo, durian my favourite.

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