Saturday, 30 August 2008

Firework Delights!

As mentioned on yesterday's post, we will be heading to the finale nite of Malaysian International Firework Competition in Putrajaya, our federal administration city. Wow, what a spectacular show!!! And I have never seen the whole of Putrajaya so beautifully-lit!!! What a great time to be there!

It's the first time I have seen a firework competition. For a moment, it was breathtaking to see the burst of lights across the lake from where I stood, next to the Gemilang Bridge. With me were a few hundreds of people. We didn't go to the main viewing area, i.e. the Putrajaya International Conference Centre, where the fireworks were lit-up. As we thought the view by the lake would give us some reflections of the water and what more the Gemilang Bridge next to us would make our photo more awesome. Unfortunately for me, my bridge photos were not inspiring as all. Contradictarily, photos from across the lake turned out fine. I hope to attend next year's competition again! And catch more beautiful shots!

Another good thing that cropped up from this event was an opportunity to get to know some enthusiastic photographers. We have made plans to meet up to view photos taken and also go for photography field trip to the legendary Mount Ophir, or popularly known as Gunung Ledang, that is coincidentally located in my hometown!!

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