Friday, 12 September 2008

Almost Full Moon

I have ran out of photos on sky so this evening I went out to capture some.

I was fortunate that it's two days to full moon and managed to catch sight of the moon tonite at Sunway Pyramid. The whole place is beautifully decorated with colourful lights as Hari Raya (the Muslim Al Eid celebration) is 2 weeks away. Although the focus of the photo is more on the bright lights, I hope this photo qualifies for Sky Watch entry.
Happy Sky Watch Friday to all! Wish you a lovely weekend ahead.
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Tanya said...

Very bright and colorful! Happy skywatch :)

Kim said...

Cool photo! have a great weekend!

alicesg said...

Very colourful and bright lights there and love the moon just being there. :) Happy mid autumn festival.

Mary Hughes Studio said...

What a beautiful photo!

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