Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rambutans in Season!

Rambutans are in season!!! This is one of my favourite fruits. I love my rambutans crunchy, sweet, juicy and "lekang" (that means the flesh is easily removed from the seed).

In the second photo, the vendor is also selling dukong. This fruit is similar to langsat, but taste sweeter. It lacks the tangy taste that one would find in langsat. So I don't really like it that much.

The price of rambutan is still expensive. Two weeks ago I bought one kilogram for RM5 at a fruit stall near the round-about of Sri Muda, Shah Alam. The vendor wasn't honest, he picked rotten fruits for me. I realized it when he almost finished packing for me. I chided him and removed some of the rotten fruits. But when I reached home, I realized half of my bag was filled with rotten rambutans. That really upsetted me and I made a vow not to frequent that fruit stall again irregardless of how tempting its fruits are! The last time I were there, they told me the mangoes I was buying cost RM10 for 3kg. But after choosing my fruits, they said it was supposed to be RM6 per kg!! That annoyed me and I decided not to buy at all. So this time it's actually a second unhappy incident for me. I am convinced once again that this fruit stall is not really honest in doing its business.

I will wait for the price of rambutans to go down to feast on it! Usually the price will drop when the supply of rambutans increase. Most likely to happen at the peak of the fruit season. I hope that would happen real soon!!!

What are your favourite fruits?


Denise said...

These are great photos. Vibrant and colorful.

richies said...

I would love to try a rambutan. I have never seen one. My favorite fruit is Papaya, but we are never able to buy them here.

An Arkie's Musings

alicesg said...

Hahaha..happened to me in Jeju Island, South Korea too. The korean woman was so dishonest and she gave me a sweet and good tangerine to try but when I decided to buy a packet, she packed half with rotten tangerine. Good thing, I saw it and removed them and pick the good one But the bad news was I should not buy, my nice korean tourguide bought a big box of tangerine from the tangerine farm for us to share (there were only 18 in the bus)

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