Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bridge Leading to PICC

There are several bridges in Putrajaya. Each with its own unique design. This is one of them. It leads to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). PICC is the the building in the background that looks like spaceship on top of a hill. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of this bridge. Will find it out on my next trip to Putrajaya.
Added on 15 Jan 2009: This bridge is called Seri Gemilang Bridge.

According to Malaysia Travel Guide, the Seri Gemilang Bridge is ornate in design, it evokes a feeling of grandeur. It consists of a 120-metre main span and two 60-metre end spans, making a total length of 240 metres.

The balusters are fabricated from pre-cast stone and towers are topped with a crescent moon with a star. Lamp posts that are gracefully forked at its end punctuate the central divider of this dual three-lane carriageway. There are also those of other designs to break the monotony of the former.


Eki Akhwan said...

I've heard so much about how great Putrajaya is as the new administrative Capital of Malaysia. Thanks for sharing this beautiful details.

Thanks for your frequent visits to my blog JC.


Kitty said...

wow, absolutely gorgeous
I love how yellow the stone is. Was this slightly enhanced? I guess I'm used to seeing a little grime on everything.

Kitty said...
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J.C. said...

Hi Kitty, this is a new bridge. Less than 10 years old. So you won't see any grime. It's beautiful when the sunset shines on it. Everything was in golden hue!! It was as though I am walking on a pavement of gold!!! Makes me feel so rich! For once...:o)

alicesg said...

Very good capture of the bridge from where you are.

Very beautiful bridges. Putrajaya looked very big. Here is a link of the bridges, might be useful to you. Not sure which bridge your photo belongs to.

Baruch said...

Beautiful. I love the colour of your post

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