Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Water Feature

I love gardening and the water feature in the compound of Sentul Sri Lanka Temple is really attractive to me. The water feature comprised of a waterfall from the roof of a pergola and a pond with many koi fishes swimming happily in it. Variety of plants were placed around the water feature. This make the whole are very green and fresh. I also like the 3 little monks statues placed at the edge of the pond. The little boy in this photo is seen enjoying this garden as much as me!

Do you have a garden and do you enjoy gardening?


richies said...

great photo. The boy playing in the water makes it special

An Arkie's Musings

JM said...

That's a lovely spot. Everything having 'green' and water really catch my eye.

Jilly said...

A beautiful shot and absolutely 'made' by the child holding out her hand to the spray.

Ming said...

Love the freeze of the water in this photo. Just like time standing still.

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