Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My World Tues - Volkswagen Gathering

Last Sunday, a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts gathered at The Summit Mall in USJ for a contest. It's my 1st visit to such a gathering and I was drooling over those cuted Beetles, especially those in bright colours!!! Wish I have one too!

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia's 'Telur Rangers' team was there with their striking colour Beetle to get visitors to sign up for its "Save The Turtle" Egg=Life's campaign. Please do support this noble effort. You can go to WWF website to sign up as supporters!

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Hilda said...

They're all so colorful and cute!

And how wonderful to use such an event for a very important advocacy. I like that.

B SQUARED said...

Spectacular spectacle!

alicesg said...

They are so cute and beautiful. Lovely art.

Pete said...

Wow, lots of Beetles and fancy cars! They are nice!

Ashton Jones said...

Volkswagen Brownsville TX has got some nice selections.

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