Friday, 7 August 2009

Subang Ria Park

Sunrise over Subang Ria Park.

About Subang Ria Park


Subang Ria Park belongs to Sime Darby Properties, the developer of Subang Jaya. The Subang Jaya Municipal Council can upgrade the park with taxpayers’ money, but it can’t, because the land is a private property. It's a catch twenty-two situation here.

Recently Sime Darby Properties has released a press statement of its plan to upgrade Subang Ria Park and hand it back to the residents of Subang Jaya – with a condition that 22% of the park goes to the building of low-density homes.

Subang Jaya residents gave a resounding 'NO' to the proposal of Sime Darby Properties. They are adamant that the park should not be developed as it would mean the loss of its green lung, increase in the population density and traffic jam in this township .

When the properties of Subang Jaya was developed and put on sale in the late '70s, title for the whole 30 hectre land is meant exclusively as a green lung for Subang Jaya. But now the developer has other plan for it. We hope our wish to retain the park for recreational purpose will stand.

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Wishing everyone a weekend of love and light!


texasnascarcowgirl said...

I love this picture, the moutains in the background are wonderful. Thanks for the detail on the park, I hope you get your wish.

itsnotjustapicture said...

a very lovely capture and i hope that the developer does not pull a fast one on the people. green space is very very important for city residents.

Babooshka said...

The water is beautifully sleek.

Luck said...

Nice shot... It just remind me that there is a lake at Subang Jaya when I were there about 15 years ago. Not sure if it is the same.

Hilda said...

I also hope for everyone's sake that it remains a park.

This is a difficult situation. There's a reason why parkland always stays in the hands of the state.

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