Thursday, 29 October 2009

Criminalize War - Torture Exhibition

This is not a Halloween exhibition. This prisoner of Guantanamo Bay Prison was tortured to stand like this for 15 hours. Can you?

This torture is called Water Boarding.

May I ask how do you feel after seeing the brutality done to prisoners featured in these photos? Don't your heart go all out for them?

Today I was shocked by the atrocities of war after seeing the exhibits displayed at the International Torture Exhibition that was held in conjunction with the Criminalize War Conference. This year's conference focus on the War in Iraq and so is the exhibition.

The exhibition showed how some of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay are being tortured. It is in Guantanamo where the detainees from what the U.S. calls the global war on terror have been kept. It is so shocking to learn that these tortures are being carried out during our current period!

I recalled seeing and reading about such tortures that many Cambodians went through during the Khmer Rouge regime era. But seeing today's exhibition and hearing the testimonials of former prisoners of Guantanamo Bay detention centre on how they were tortured by US military men, it makes me wonder how could a superpower democratice country that uplift freedom and human rights can do such inhumane act to another fellow human, all done in the name of justice & fighting terrorism! The detainees who gave their testimonials were captured for a few years, sent to various secret detention centres before being released without charges. Till today they never understand what have they done wrong to be pained in such manner!

Allow me to quote Britain's third most senior judge, Judge Johan Steyn, who criticized the U.S. for holding terror suspects in Guantanamo, calling it a "monstrous failure of justice". "By denying the prisoners the right to raise challenges in a court about their alleged status and treatment, the United States government is in breach of the minimum standards of customary international law," he said.

I like the Confucius quote that one of the speakers shared during the conference. He said, "Without passion, nothing happens. Without compassion, wrong things happen."

You can read many more interviews with former US 'war of terror' prisoners or their family members or legal counsels at the CagePrisoners website. After reading them, you would be grateful to God that you or your loved ones are not being imprisoned in any military detention centres!!

Below is a video of an interview between George Galloway, one of the speakers at the conference. George is also a British MP, author and broadcaster. He interviews Andy Worthington of Reprieve (lawyers representing Guantanamo detainees) and discuss the rendition, torture and on-going detention of British resident Binyam Mohamed in Guantanamo Bay, and the US administration's approval of torture.

Peace should never be attained through violence and war!! Let's say NO to war!!

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