Monday, 19 October 2009

Deepavali - Fruit Kolam

Continuing the joy of Deepavali celebration, I am posting a kolam that used some fruits, i.e. apples and oranges as part of it. Today's posting is not fully monochrome. I have kept the fruits in colour to highlight it. Learnt this Photoshop trick from a digital photography magazine that I read at the news vendor. Sssssshhh.....yup, I didn't buy the magazine. Just flipped it and read the tips and tested it on today's photo. Have you done the same in the past like I did?

Visit the Monochrome Monday's portal for more photos in black and white.


Aileni said...

Very pretty.

arabesque said...

wow, very artistic! i like how it's lined with apples and oranges. very unique.^-^

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