Friday, 16 October 2009

Sky Watch Fri - Beautiful Sunset at Manila Bay

During my visit to Manila in March this year, I truly love the beautiful sunset at Manila Bay. As I was staying a walking distance, I would spend evenings sitting by the waterfront, eating grilled dried squid and enjoy the sunset with my camera. Here's one of the amazing sunset that I saw. Hilda of Manila, if you read this, I want to say to you that I love Manila!!

For Sky Watch Friday photos, please visit the portal! Happy Friday to all!

I leave you with this beautiful video that an inspiring friend shared with me today, entitled On Becoming A Person by Carl Rogers.
Carl Rogers described the qualities and characteristics of a fully functioning person, one who works towards self actualization (according to Abraham Maslow). A fully functioning person moves away from facades, "oughts", expectations and the need to please others. Instead, he or she moves towards self direction by taking full responsibility of his or her life, accepting change in life, comes to terms with own complexity and contradictions, accepts others fully and has trust and faith in self. In short, there is no fear in a fully functioning person. You too can end fear.


J Bar said...

Spectacular sunset.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

magiceye said...


Tanja said...

Oh wow, this was magic

Steffi said...

Stunning photo!I love it!

Hilda said...

You were here last March?? You should have told me — we could've met up for lunch or dinner. Aww… I hope you can come back some time soon!

And wow. I've never seen Manila Bay with colors as dramatic and gorgeous as this!

Paty said...

the colors in your picture are perfect, congratulations!!

arabesque said...

wow, you've certainly beautify manila more than we had imagined.
^0^ tnx for showing this pretty good night sight!

Anonymous said...

those light posts are quite something...add to the beautiful scene. indeed sunset in manila is something special.

"Use your first smile, your first form of generosity, of love, of kindness—use it at home; start at home. And if there is something left over—if … your plate is just full of abundance of patience and goodness and smiles and joy, then by all means, you should go … and offer that to others. But we must begin at home." by Dr Robin Smith