Wednesday, 18 November 2009

ABC Wednesday - 'R' is for River Cruise

It's ABC Wednesday again and for today's 'R' theme, the posting will be River Cruise. This is the night scene of Melaka River near the Stadhuys roundabout if one takes the cruise along Melaka River. The cruise takes about 45 minutes. Tourism Melaka has taken the effort to beautify the riverside with beautiful, colourful lights to make the cruise a beautiful one for guests.

Do pop over to ABC Wednesday portal to find out what others are posting for the theme 'R'.


Sherrie said...

Beautiful shot! Looks very colorful and like lots of fun! Have a great day!!

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, that does look like fun! I love river cruises! Terrific shot! Perfect R word!



Jay said...

Wow, that is colourful! Makes it look like Christmas already, and you captured it well!

Marites said...

nice evening capture! I like the colors even if it's already evening time.

Judi said...

So colorful and lovely! That looks like a lot of fun. Great R!

Roger Owen Green said...

riviting rainbow of color!

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