Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My World Tuesday - Grocery Shop in Petaling Street

It is very common to find Chinese grocery shop like the above in Malaysia. This photo was taken early this year, when it was nearing Chinese New Year celebration. So the shop is stock up with many goodies that is used for preparation of Chinese New Year celebration, for instance, Chinese mushroom, sausage, dried scallop, red dates and melon seeds.

What are the ingredients that stores in your city usually stock up in preparation for festive holiday?

It's My World Tuesday posting today! More photos from participants from around the world can be viewed

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Serline said...

I haven't been to any grocery shop in Bangkok. But definitely miss the one in Singapore, at least I know what to get. I like most of the dried stuffs like red dates, Ikan bilis and anything that can dump into the soup.


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