Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Theme Day: Dec 09 - Trishaw in Melaka

I totally forgot that today is the first day of the month and that means its theme day! Just checked the City Daily Photo portal and today's theme is 'Waiting'. For my participation for theme day, here's a trishaw man waiting for passengers at Melaka's Stadhuys. Don't you think his trishaw is beautiful?

So far there are 122 participants for theme day.
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Kate said...

What a fantastic, colourful trishaw! Are all of them decorated this way, or is this one remarkable because of its uniqueness. I wouldn't mind WAITING for this man to pick me up!

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

That's a beautiful photograph! Lots of colors and so interesting to look at. Nice idea for the "waiting" theme as well.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

this is a gorgeous rickshaw and look how proud he is of it. great choice for theme day

Anonymous said...

Now that's a bike I would like to have! I like all the colors. Nice pic.

Chin said...

Wonderful waiting.

Jilly said...

Super Theme Day photo. Sorry I missed it. What happy colours. I'd love a ride in this.

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