Monday, 15 March 2010

Fish Spa - Revisited

Glad that my internet connection is finally up and running!! It took Telekom Malaysia (TM) a total of 10 days to transfer my fixed phone line over to our new home and get the broadband up and going! It makes me wonder how long TM can stay in business if it is no longer the monopoly in providing fixed phone line service in this country.

In August 2008, I posted a photo of a Fish Spa that we tried out. Last Sunday, we were in Sunway Pyramid mall where we saw a bigger Fish Spa Centre. It's fun to watch the Garra Rufa fishes nibbling on this customer's calves. It's a comfortable spa and the aquarium with glass panel enable curious onlookers to see for themselves what it would be like to have the fishes attacking the dead skin cells on your legs!

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