Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Another Hamster

This is a little hamster belongs to my neighbour's daughter. We were invited for a dinner of Apom (flour pancake) last Wednesday. I joined the children who played with the hamster. As usual, I prefer to join the children than the adults!

Another good news to share. I helped a friend who lost her Schnauzer dog with someone who found one in her residential area through our community website (read it here). It was such a simple deed and yet, able to bring so much joy to my friends and family, who are now happily reunited with their dear pet.

I also have a sad news to share. An Indonesian woman that I have known for over 2 years were driven away by robbers who stole her lady boss's car on early Sunday morning when they were out doing delivery. The lady boss was hospitalized due to head injury. But the worst has happened to her staff. Until today, this young Indonesian lady is still missing. She has not returned or found by police. I pray hard that she is left unharmed by the robbers. The crime rate in Malaysia is very high these days. The police force has left many of us disappointed. Almost every day we hear about robbery or break-ins. It makes me wonder what the police in this country is doing!!! God, please save this young lady from any harm. Let her return safely.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

wow, that is a really interesting idea. I guess you would have to be close to your neighbors to have this.
Your niece & nephew are adorable.

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