Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Puchong Yong Tau Fu

This shack in a suburb called Puchong serves the famous food called Yong Tau Fu. Yong Tau Fu is fishpaste-stuffed vegetables, tofu or dried beancurd. This photo was taken on last Saturday when the dining crowd has just started to come in.

To order your Yong Tau Fu, you need to go to a counter where different vegetables are served. Pick the vegies that you want, place them in a basket and pass it to a guy who will write down your table no. and additional orders, e.g. rice or fishballs or paper-wrapped chicken.

The guy will then pass your basket containing the vegies to these ladies, who will stuff minced fish paste (as seen in the trays below) and cook the vegies either in soup or deep fry them.

Below photos show the food that will be served on your table.

Here's a bowl of soup served with stuffed vegetables e.g. bittergourd, lady fingers and soft tofu. The fish balls were the one I like most!! The fish paste was generously stuffed into the vegetables. Each Yong Tau Fu costs only RM1.10 (equivalent to USD0.30).

Below shows deep fried stuffed brinjal and beancurd skin.

This is the paper-wrapped fried chicken that we ordered. In the package with the chicken are the marinade sauce with ginger and garlic.

It was indeed a yummy dinner!!!

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Jamesie said...

u blog made me hungry here =D
Gotta find someday n go over n try the paper-wrap-chicken =D

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