Saturday, 12 June 2010

Broga Hills

Woke up at 3.30am today to join my photography friends from the forum. Had our breakfast at McD. Surprisingly there was quite a number of people at McD...all because of World Cup!! McD provides plasma TV with big screen for the entertainment of football fans. It took us 45mins to reach Semenyih where we were to conquer the very popular Broga Hills. It was in total darkness when we arrived at 5.30am. Surprisingly there were soooo many hikers! It was like bus loads of people. All fear and trepidation of hiking an unfamiliar hill in total darkness were gone with the presence of the chatty hikers.

Here's a peek of what the view above Broga Hills is like! Nice? Ha legs are aching. I am a bit disoriented due to lack of sleep. But it was all worthwhile. I am looking forward to going back there for a few more good shots to share here!

It will be another active day for me tomorrow. New Straits Times Press together with MPSJ will be organizing a 10km Run event. I have signed up for the 7km run and need to be up and ready by 6.15am. Another healthy day to look forward to! So wish all of you a weekend as active of mine too! Enjoy a good weekend!

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