Sunday, 25 July 2010

Voluntary Patrolling Unit (VPU)

Through the effort of residents of USJ and Subang Jaya, a Voluntary Patrolling Unit (in short, VPU) has been formed, with joint-effort with police from USJ8 Police Station and MPSJ (Subang Jaya Council).

The aim of VPU is to deter crime from taking place in our township. The VPU started in Jan this year by volunteers who comprised of retirees, housewives, business owners and even working people who contributed at least 2 hours per month to patrol our residential areas with 2 police officers joining us and a vehicle with driver from MPSJ.

However, in recent days we have seen MPSJ playing a lesser role. Whenever the vehicle is required by the council, our VPU team would be left with no vehicle. Fortunately, the new OCPD Puan Chia of USJ8 Police Station still give us her fullest support by providing us 2 police officers to accompany these volunteers on patrol. We are hoping that MPSJ will play a more dynamic role in supporting USJ & SJ residents in their initiative to reduce crime such as snatch theft, break-ins in this township.

Seen in this photo are 2 VPU members on patrol with 2 police officers on motorbike accompanying them. The VPU members would patrol in a vehicle not on foot. I asked these VPU members (whom are my friends) to get down from their vehicle in order to have their photo taken with the police officers. I am proud to be a member of this VPU team who is helping to reduce the crime rate in our township.


Stephanie said...

Wow that's great! Your neighbourhood people are so good... voluteering their time and ensuring their home is safe.

J.C. said...

Yup Steph, I am glad that many of them take the initiative to care for the safety and security of our neighbourhood. Hope more people will come out to join the VPU so that crimes like break-in and snatch thief can be reduced further.

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