Thursday, 30 September 2010

Kg. Morten

On Hari Raya Day we woke up early for our morning walk. That's what I always try to do when I am back in my hometown in Melaka. I will get my nephews and nieces outdoor to enjoy some fresh air and most importantly for some exercise. These days, parents are more concerned about their children's academic achievements. Less importance is placed on outdoor activities.

I decided that we should go to Kg. Morten and walk around the village and Melaka Riverside. I think I made a right choice as the weather was great and the scene that greeted us was simply gorgeous!

Here's a reflection of coconut trees in Kg. Morten on the Melaka River. Kg. Morten is a Malay village smacked in the middle of Melaka Town and it is located just by the Melaka River. Isn't this a beautiful sight?

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