Sunday, 18 December 2011

Festive Season Shopping

It was a busy weekend of shopping for everyone. Some rushing to get Christmas presents. Some for Chinese New Year clothes. So the mall was cramped with last minute shoppers. Parking was horrible. After driving from floor to floor for 40 minutes, I gave up and tried to exit. However, traffic was at a gridlocked. It was really frustrating. Eventually I decided to park across the mall and take the pedestrian bridge to cross over. Gosh! Lesson learnt! Never ever do your shopping on the last weekend before Christmas!

Here's a photo of the traffic at a slow crawl in Sunway, at both directions. Ha ha...I sound like the traffic report on our local radio station. The difference is I also provided the visual!

So, how's your Christmas shopping coming along?

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richies said...

I'm all done shopping, but I do most of it online because I don't like the traffic :)

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