Thursday, 23 February 2012

Longevity Peach Buns

My mom's birthday falls in April and we are planning to have an early celebration for her next week.  I saw this Giant Longevity Peach Steamed Buns (or Paus) on display at a restaurant in the mall and it is offering a smaller version with 24 buns for birthday celebration.

The signage placed next to these buns stated that peaches with mythical power of immortality were offered to immortals in the Western Paradise (the Pure Land in religious lore of Buddhism).  As such, peaches signify good health and longevity in Chinese beliefs. Thus, offering these buns to elderly person during birthday celebration became a common practice traditionally. 

However, these days, we prefer to get birthday cakes instead of Peach Buns for birthday celebration.  I asked my sister if my mom would be glad to have Peach Buns for her birthday celebration.  She said birthday cake would be preferred. Now I am in a dilemma!  

My mom would be 73 this year. I wish she would stay healthy and live a longer life. Offering her this buns with those wishes would be a wiser choice!  Don't you think so?

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