Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hari Polis

It's the celebration of Police Day in Malaysia today. Our Voluntary Patrolling Unit (VPU, in short. It is a voluntary community policing team) members are invited to join in the celebration. Our team is receiving a certification of recognition from the OCPD (Officer-in-Charge of Police District) of Subang Jaya for our voluntary work to patrol the residential areas of Subang Jaya and UEP Subang Jaya in order to reduce break-ins, robberies and snatch theft cases.

Without further ado, I RSPV-ed with a YES!! What an opportunity for me to take some photos at the event!! Ha ha...a candid photo enthusiast response!

Saw Eric Kim's blogging about images of shoes taken while doing street photography, so here's a post on shoes worn by the police officers. Guess I will be staring on feet and shoes more intently henceforth!

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Kitty said...

ha, this must have been a fun photo to take.
I can just imagine it.

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