Sunday, 11 March 2012

Decay - Humanity?

A friend's mom has just passed away early this evening. I am emotionally affected. It makes me concern about the mortality of my loved one and me. At the same time it angered me when I read one of his posting on Facebook:

I already got the letter of undertaking from my office if mother were to be warded at the General Hospital of Melaka. She will have a First Class Ward but nobody can ensure she will have a first class treatment in the public hospital. She can't even enjoy a first class treatment at a so-called well-known Subang Jaya private hospital. We paid RM5,200 for a two-day lousy treatment at the hospital.

It makes me think of humanity decay! The decline in ethics among medical practitioners, which is something uncommon these days. More so, when I heard stories from a friend who has been sharing with us based on her experience with doctors, as she sells medical drugs to them.

Will the souls of the unethical medical practitioners be stained and scarred like this decaying building in the heart of KL city when they decide that money is more of a priority than the well-being of their patients? Where are their conscience when they exhaust the patient's family financially and emotionally?

Aunt Wong, may you have a good onward journey. Idam me natinam hoti, sukhita hontu natayo. Idam me natinam hoti, sukhita hontu natayo. Idam me natinam hoti, sukhita hontu natayo. (May the accrued merits be transferred to Aunt Wong).

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