Sunday, 17 June 2012

Eat As Much As You Can

Durian, Durian, Durian - the Eat As Much As You Can sale is on at the fruit stall at USJ 14.  Just pay RM9 and start enjoying these sweet-bitter and rich flavour durian.  My neighbours planned an outing for 10 of us to enjoy the durian together. You have to be at the stall by 4pm when the lorry unload the durians that were freshly picked from the owner's ochard in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. This way, you will be assured to get the best quality durians as there is a crowd gathering there and everyone wants to get the best deal.  It's my first time trying out this deal.  It's fun to have a big group of buddies to enjoy the fruits together.

The photo here showed my neighbours, Mr. & Mrs Chew delighted with the yellow-flesh durian.  Yellow flesh durian usually has a bitter-sweet taste and are more preferred by durian lovers.

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