Thursday, 23 August 2012

Popiah Seller

It's a Popiah (Spring Roll) seller at the USJ4's Ramadhan Bazaar.


As I am posting this, my sister-in-law has been admitted to the medical centre for the delivery of her baby.  She is in labour now.  My family and I are praying that she will have a safe delivery.  May both mother and child be safe and well.  If you are reading this posting, please help to say a prayer for both my sis-in-law and her baby girl. Thank you.


alicesg said...

Hope all will be well for both mother and child. Take Care.

J.C. said...

Thanks, Alice. Both baby and mom are fine. Will post baby photo to share soon. Thanks a lot.

alicesg said...

JC, glad to hear that. Take Care. Babies are really cute, am looking forward to my first grand nephew's birth any time this month too. :)

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