Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hands Percussion

Watching the award-winning Hands Percussion performance in KL PAC was really an eye-opening opportunity for me. It was Hands Percussion's 15th Anniversary celebration and it organized a street parade,   bazaar and free concert performance throughout the day on 16th Dec.  As I was rushing to meet a report deadline, I was only able to join its concert in the evening.  It was raining and I was having doubt about going for the concert.  Eventually, I gave in to my desire to attend it.

It was the right decision to go to the concert!!  It was the first time I attended an outdoor concert while it was raining.  The organizer even prepared plastic raincoat for us.  There are quite a number of photographers there.  Due to the rain, I was running late and got lost between Mahameru and Kuching Highway.  Fortunately, the performance was delayed till 9.30pm.  On top of that, I was lucky enough to get a seat on the front row!!!!  I was meant to be at the concert ~ that's my thought throughout the evening!

I thoroughly enjoyed Hands Percussion performance.  The choreography was impressive.  It's not only about playing Chinese traditional drums, but other musical instruments such as bells and gamelan were also incorporated.  And there were some dancing and acrobatic too.  This is my first Hands Percussion performance and it will not be the last.  Hands Percussion won me over that evening.

There were many school students that came from Kuantan, Johor and other states that came in school buses who attended the celebration from morning till night. If they can come so far away from other states to support this event, I have no reason to be absent since I am only 45-mins drive away from KL PAC.

An excellent performance, Hands Percussion.  Bravo!!!!  A standing ovation to all of you who performed spectacularly that evening!

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richies said...

Sounds like it was a fun concert.

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