Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Portuguese Settlement

This photo is taken at Melaka's Portuguese Settlement. I studied in the Sacred Heart Convent School in this settlement. Things have changed a lot here. The whole place has lost its flavour due to development which came with the booming of tourism industry in this place. It has been very different from my school days. We used to hang out at the Portuguese food stalls here after school, having our lunch before we had to go for our co-curriculum activities. I miss those olden days at the Portuguese Settlement.


ro_pumpkin said...

wonderful colors . a beautiful picture . any procesing ?

HoodPhotography said...

Super colors... and I love your "About Me" picture too :)

J.C. said...

Hi ro-pumpkin, there was no post-processing of the photo. What I did was to adjust the white balance feature in camera to get this effect when I took the photo. As such I can get very beautiful dusk or twilight photos.

Hi hoodphotography, that was a shot of me when I was lest than a year old! Thanks to my mom who brought me to the studio.

J.A. said...

Beautiful photo.

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