Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Roti Man

Roti Man is the term we use to refer to Bread Man. The Bread Man would deliver bread daily to our door step. Seen here is a Roti Man on an early Saturday morning.


Barbara said...

Yummo...Please pass the rolls and butter! Hello from West Sacramento

alex said...

The photos in your blog are very beautiful. This one is very natural, and it tells a story in it.
Well done!

Alex's World! -

Keropok Man said...

ah... i have not seen Roti Mans for the longest time.

It's Gardenia nowdays.... ;-)

J.C. said...

Glad you all find this pix interesting. I haven't seen a Roti Man for sometime. It's a good coincidence that I was up very early that day and managed to catch him in action!

alicesg said...

Malacca is one of my favourite place. Nice blog and happy 2008.

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