Thursday, 10 January 2008

Curry House

Fortunately I had my camera during lunch yesterday! We went to a curry house in Shah Alam. These are the photos of the various dishes sold at the curry house. In Malaysia, where we have multi-racial citizens, so we are rewarded with multi-cuisines! Indian cuisine is one of my favourites!

This curry house serves south indian cuisine - which is known to be more spicy than the northern indian. We had Chicken Varuval, spicy pumpkin, bitter gourd with lentils and lastly stir-fry french beans. The food was so spicy especially the chicken! We had hot lemon tea and teh tarik to help us ease the spicy taste that lingered on burning our lips after the meal!

Do you like Indian cuisine? What are your favourite dishes?


alice said...

I really like Indian cuisine, but if you say it's very very spicy, I think I could not eat this one! We have several Indian restaurants here, but they adjust the quantities of spices to the French customers!

American Fork said...


alicesg said...

Yummy, I love curry fish head and they served the rice on banana leaf. Your photo looked delicious. :)

alexander said...

Wow! the curry look very nice.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Web-OJ said...

Looks more like NOrth Indian food to me. How was it??

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